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A solo artist project.


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Carousailor covers all facets of music from Progressive Rock to Electro-Funk, Jazz, Pop, and Rock Opera. Each project is Mixed, Mastered, Arranged, Produced, and Performed by one artist, therefore ensuring that no aspects of the story are lost along the way.

 Carder Jones's first project Sanctity Through Madness is a concept album that tells the story of a man in search of solace from his schizophrenia and alienation across three 80 minute CD's. Each CD embodies the mind, body, or soul of the story lyrically, conceptually and sonically and uses multiple genres to emulate the emotion of his adventure into self sacrifice. 

The story is one that is bizarre and bumpy with many philosophical and theoretical concepts referenced through allusions and metaphors that ultimately reflect back on one man's dissociative fugue. In many ways, it's a story about the modern commonalities of people searching for escapism, but it's ultimately about the price we pay for admission into the twilight zone and realm of misbelief. 

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